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Composite Doors

Lyca Windows are pleased to be able to offer superb composite doors to homes across Kingsbury, Harrow, Barnett, Brent and Stanmore. Our fantastic composite doors offer exceptional security and performance combined with sublime appearances.

Your home will be enhanced in a variety of ways by our fantastic composite doors, from looks to efficiency. Our range of composite doors make brilliant front doors and back doors for your Kingsbury home.

Impressive Tailored Design

Composite doors are available in an extensive variety of panel options. Whether you are looking for a modern double glazed door, or something more traditional, our composite doors can meet your needs.

Each door in our range can be tailored even further with a fantastic range of colours. Our composite doors have a beautiful timber appearance, replicating wooden doors, and the colour finishes simply enhance this beauty.

Our lovely residential doors can also be personalised with decorative and glazing, the options are endless. You will be able to create the perfect door for your home.

Unrivalled Strength and Security

Composite doors are constructed from a solid core with a tough, rigid overlay. This makes these fantastic residential doors incredibly strong and robust. The superb structure gives you a double glazed door that cannot be dented or scratched, so provides long-term aesthetics for your home.

This amazing strength is then combined with our high-security locking mechanisms to create a super secure double glazed door. There is no other door in the industry that is capable of meeting the security standards of the composite door.

Our composite doors have been tested to the absolute limit to ensure that their security performance outshines all other residential doors. You can be confident that you and your family will be kept safe with a composite door.

Unbeatable Insulation

The solid core of the composite door not only gives it its strength, but it also serves to provide a supremely insulating structure. Composite doors will help to retain warmth in your home, while blocking the cold outside.

These spectacular double glazed doors are designed to be supremely energy efficient. You will find that you use less heating as your home is warmer for longer, and this in turn, will lower your fuel bills.

The insulating properties aren’t just useful for thermal performance, they also create a wonderful sound proofed double glazed door for your home. You will delight in a peaceful and calm environment, as street noise and the busy world outside are blocked by our composite doors. Enjoy a quiet and relaxing home, today.

Composite Door Prices

We are proud to offer impressively competitive composite door prices to homeowners in Kingsbury, Harrow, Barnett, Brent and Stanmore. You can get a personalised guide price from our online quote calculator.

In a few simple steps, you will be able to find a cost effective composite doors price for your home improvements.

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