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French Doors

French Doors in Kingsbury, Edgware, Hendon, Finchley, Harrow, Barnett, Brent, Stanmore, London, Greenford

Our high-quality uPVC French doors are available throughout Kingsbury, Harrow, Barnett, Brent and Stanmore. You’ll be able to enjoy a home improvement addition that combines a beautifully cultural character whilst maintaining a high standard performance.

Excelling in thermal efficiency, security and durability, the French door design is guaranteed to increase the comfort of your home, whilst simultaneously securing your home against intruders with a high standard of crime prevention.

Allowing for a spacious feel, our French doors from Profile 22 stylishly enhance the natural light of any room in which they are installed, whilst simultaneously offering a highly practical and spacious opening, ensuring maximum accessibility.

Unrestricted Access

Unique to the French door design is the intelligently designed flying mullion, which is designed to move with the door when opened. This eliminates the need for any permanent fixtures, ensuring an outstanding level of accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users.

This feature also proves itself to be extremely valuable during the warmer months of the year, as the wide opening allows for an incredibly high level of ventilation. This will greatly increase home comfort and decrease living space temperature.

Not only will you enjoy a completely unrestricted access, you’ll also be able to experience unobstructed views. The lack of permanent fixture means that you won’t have views blocked or reduced by any part of the door frame.

Slim Sightlines

Elegant and sleek, the French door design not only offers unrestricted views when opened, it also offers fantastic views when closed. The expertly crafted uPVC frame is incredibly slim, whilst maintaining high levels of robustness and durability.

This design enables for a larger glass to frame ratio, which allows you to enjoy increased views with a higher amount of natural light. This ensures that they bring a spacious and bright feel to any room in which they are installed.

High Security

Due to the high-quality uPVC frame from Profile 22, all our French doors achieve exceptional standards of inherent security. This ensures that they uphold the security of your home, whilst maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

Featuring a high security, multi-point shootbolt locking system our French doors achieve consistent standards of security throughout the whole door. This eliminates the possibility of any weak spots and therefore maintains an exceptional standard of crime prevention.

Specialising in the highest standards of security available, we offer French doors that will protect you against attempted break-ins and ensure a safer, more secure home.

uPVC French Door Prices

Our online quoting engine allows you to get your perfect uPVC French doors in no time at all. It’s incredibly user-friendly and you’ll receive your instant and competitively priced online quote with complete ease.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our online enquiry form should you require any more information. A member of our friendly team will be on hand to help you promptly and professionally with any questions or enquiries you may have.

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Areas We Cover

We install our high quality double glazing across a multitude of locations, including:

Kingsbury | Edgware | Hendon | Finchley | Harrow | Barnett | Brent | Stanmore | London | Greenford