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uPVC Patio Doors

Enrich your home with our beautiful uPVC patio doors, available throughout Kingsbury, Harrow, Barnett, Brent and Stanmore. These stylish doors offer panoramic views and a high standard of performance across the board.

Every inline sliding door in our range is bespoke to you, fabricated to fit the space that you have. You can be sure that these wonderful patio doors will provide you with many years of outstanding operation.

Smooth Gliding System

Our uPVC patio doors from Profile 22 have a fantastic gliding roller system that uses state of the art materials and design to provide a long lasting performance.

Your inline sliding doors will open and close with just the gentlest push, due to the smooth opening system. The clever design and robust rollers ensure that these doors will operate seamlessly for many years to come.

Tailored Design

Our uPVC patio doors are can be tailored with a wide range of colours and foils, making them truly unique to your home. You can have stylish double glazed sliding doors that blend in with your property, offering a sumptuous finish.

There are also a variety of glazing options available to complete your personalised patio door. Your door will be the focal point of your room, not only due to its impressive appearance, but also because of the stunning panoramic views it provides.

Our slimline profiles ensure that there is almost no interruption in the vast glazed area. This, of course enables you to have a bright and airy room, as light will flood in from the outside, enhancing the beauty of your property.

Excellent Security

Our double glazed patio doors utilise the latest advances in security to ensure that they keep your home protected.

Unlike traditional patio doors, which were seen as a weak spot for entry to your home, our modern uPVC patio doors are exceptionally secure.

They are fitted with cutting-edge technology so that they are impossible to lift from the outside. In addition to this, every uPVC patio door we install is fitted with a high-security lock as standard.

The security of your home can be enhanced further with optional additional security features, making these double glazed doors supremely secure.

uPVC Patio Doors Prices

Lyca Windows are highly competitive when it comes to uPVC patio doors prices in Kingsbury, Harrow, Barnett, Brent and Stanmore. Our inline sliding doors offer exceptional quality and performance, yet we ensure they are cost effective, and offer our customers value for money.

If you would like to get quote for a uPVC patio door quickly and efficiently, we have an online quote calculator available for you to use. It’s a simple and effective way of getting a uPVC sliding door guide price.

We also have a fantastic expert team on hand who can discuss your requirements in more detail. Simply contact us and we will help you with your home improvement choices.

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Areas We Cover

We install our high quality double glazing across a multitude of locations, including:

Kingsbury | Edgware | Hendon | Finchley | Harrow | Barnett | Brent | Stanmore | London | Greenford