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uPVC Doors Harrow

uPVC Doors: Designed to Complement your Harrow Home

Whether your Harrow home is contemporary or traditional, Lyca Windows has the uPVC door for you. We create our doors to match your description. However, they all offer the same high level of security, durability and energy efficiency, yet, they remain completely cost-effective and low-maintenance. How?

The tough uPVC profile is engineered to be weatherproof and will not rot, crack or warp. Our wide range of uPVC doors means that you’re sure to find a product to suit your budget, preference and Harrow home.

uPVC Doors Harrow

Beautifully Styled uPVC Doors Harrow

At Lyca Windows, we understand how important it is to find a door that suits your tastes and your needs. That’s why we provide you with a variety of styles to ensure that you’re bound to find the perfect door. Read on to explore our range of uPVC doors:

Front Doors

These beautiful uPVC doors offer the perfect melding of beauty and functionality. Add to that that they are highly secure and weatherproof, then no matter what, they will continue to perform. These doors create excellent curb appeal, while being a welcoming entrance point to your home.

uPVC Doors Harrow

French Doors

French doors bring an adequate touch of continental aesthetic to Harrow. These doors are beautifully suited to letting in a huge amount of natural light. Natural light beautifully illuminates the interiors of your home, while lending it a spacious feel. When open, the flying mullion ensures that these uPVC doors provide an unobstructed view of your garden.

uPVC Doors Harrow

Patio Doors

With huge panes of glass and thin frames, these uPVC doors allow natural light to flood your home. The sliding door makes these doors perfect for cosier living spaces, as they do not take up unnecessary space when open. All of our patio doors are bespoke, and tailored to your exact specifications. No matter the size of your home, a patio door will complement it.
uPVC Doors Harrow

Bi-Folding Doors

The beauty of a bi-fold door is that it allows you to have a completely uninterrupted transition between your home and your garden, or between rooms in your house. These doors are space-efficient, which you may fabricate with your desired number of panels as well as door folding configurations.
uPVC Doors Harrow

These designs are available in a variety of finishes and with many customisable components. Choose from a crisp or vibrant block colour frame or a woodgrain finish to achieve an authentic classic look. These uPVC doors also feature a variety of customisable double glazing options and decorative accents, which you can tailor precisely on your new door to perfectly match the existing aesthetic of your home.

Secure uPVC Doors Harrow

Our uPVC doors are made from durable and robust uPVC profiles, with no need for extra steel reinforcements, meaning that your doors are inherently secure and sturdy. They also feature top quality multi-point locking systems, keeping intruders at bay. Our doors also feature welded joints which offer higher levels of security than mechanical screw joints, so your entry cannot be taken off its hinges.

Our doors have met and exceeded the meticulous crime prevention benchmarks set by the Metropolitan Police’s Secured by Design initiative, and have received full accreditation. These locks offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your home, family and valuables are being kept safe and secure.

Thermally Efficient uPVC Doors Harrow

Our uPVC doors feature a five-chamber profile from Profile 22. These profiles are exceptional at trapping the warm air inside and cold air outside. Around 30% of heat loss comes through thermally inefficient windows and doors, so these doors will help to keep your home comfortable throughout the very worst of the British winter.

A thermally efficient home means you will need to spend a lot less money on your heating bill over the winter, making these doors an extremely cost-effective solution. uPVC is also widely recycled, meaning that our products are highly environmentally sustainable, and your carbon footprint lowers significantly.

uPVC Doors Harrow Prices

If you would like to receive a free quote for one of our products calculated in just minutes, please visit our online quoting engine.

If you have any other queries or would like more information, please get in touch and a member of our friendly, experienced team would be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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on March 18, 2017